Monday, May 25, 2009

Today is the legal holiday of Memorial Day. I woke up this morning knowing I have to bake my Famous Chocolate Cake for my family get-together. I'm stopping for a moment to think about that freedom to do so has been taken too much for granted. Right now I think it's necessary to think of ALL the freedoms we American take for granted were won by men and women who fought and died for. We all need to stop and tell these guys past and present "Thank you." I know that there are other out there thinking like me, but here goes. Let's thank and give these people a hand, Folks!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I went two dear friends on a photo shoot outing to Georgetown. This is a statue of Jesus near Santa Maria on Hwy. 285.
This is a zoom out of the same statue.

Geneva Creek runs along the Guanilla Pass road. We stopped here because of the bridge.

Geneva Creek.

This is the only "wildlife" I got to take a picture of. My friend Barbara was trying to get a picture of a chipmunk, but it wasn't cooperative at all.

Sometimes Aspens turn scarlet. It really is a pretty sight when you see gold with a littl bit of scarlet.
I like to take picture of the sun shining through things!

Take pictures of the pine trees while you can. Drat those pine beetles!

On up the road we came upon a lovely waterfall.

Lovely view, isn't it?

On the Summit. There's a little dusting of snow.

Coming down the other side I found this lovely Aspen grove on a sunny slope.

Now we're approching Georgetown.

Here we are!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

8/8/08 was spent at Fox Hollow Golf Course Club House Patio.
Yours truly is not in the ANY of the photos because I was behind the camera.

Everybody has to get signed in and get their nametag!

Lori Siskel and Rhonda Knard saw to that!

My dear old friend, Kayellen Daily, has a little chicken while we talked of old times.

Yvonne Shreck Liverant talks with Corrie Gilmore.

Everybody is asking each other FAQ's. How have you been and what do you do now?

Kayellen chats with Kim Gammil Davis and her husband Mark.

Uh-oh! It's going to rain. I heard the thunder and saw some lightning!

Jana Williamson Todd poses with another old classmate.

Jana's husband, Dale Todd with Joe Martin.

Julie Williams chats with Janet Dwyer while Kayellen chats with Corrie.

Lon Brehmer gives me a smile!

Jill McFarland chats with Kayellen and Corrie.

Doug Dinsmoor talks with Barry Janelle and EJ Boillot.

John Stitka poses with Barry. Okay, okay! There's my shadow!

John Maslanik chats with another classmate.

Julie Williams, Lee Monson, Ron Barron and Mike Fay.

Steve Mueller joins the party!

Janet Dwyer talks with Dana Weddell.

Lynette Thomas and Debbie Orndoff dine with another classmate whose name I can't remember. Readers?

EJ and Doug

Raul Alderete and friend Cindy Beeks

Gale Shelley

Paula McNutt and Yvonne

EJ and Kerry McCoy and another classmate.

Steve gives me a smile!

It's been quite an evening.

It's starting to get late.

Lynette, Debbie and ?

One more, said Lynette. She blinked.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Boardwalk Resort at Walt Disney World. This is where we stayed.

A pretty Magnolia blossom. One thing about the Southeastern part of the country is that they have millions of these lovely trees. I love Magnolias!

This elephant statue is also a shower at the swimming area of the resort.

Merry-go-round hippocampi grace this unusual, but beautiful chandolier! This was in the Boardwalk's lobby.

I decided to go over to the Magic Kingdom that day. Here is Mary Poppins on Main Street.

The Haunted Mansion was one of the many rides Robert and I rode.

The Liberty Belle

Big Thunder Mountain

Old Hearse at the Haunted Mansion's exit.

A Florida Thunderhead

Cinderella's Castle